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Changing Australia’s record on indigenous incarceration takes great leadership, vision and determination. We look forward to sharing some great Australian stories with you.

Keenan Mundine

“Ten years ago if you asked me where I thought I’d be now, I’d have said ‘in jail or dead’.  I never thought there was a life beyond that”.

Prison Songs Ambassador, Keenan Mundine, is a proud Indigenous young man who faced many difficulties growing up, including losing both his parents at a young age. 

During these pivotal years, Keenan received limited support and was exposed to negative role modelling, catapulting him into the revolving door of youth detention and adult prison. 

Keenan turned his life around once he found his passion in giving back to his community, leading to his work with Weave Youth and Community Services in 2015 as a youth advocate and youth worker for The Kool Kids Club.

Keenan is a clear example of what can be achieved when people believe in you, see beyond labels and provide a second chance.

Watch Keenan’s Story


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